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I'm Hannah Johnson. You may have guessed by now that I'm an editor. I love to help authors organize their thoughts, and I'm especially interested in nonfiction prose and job applications.


Why editing? I'm classically trained in linguistics, and I've come to learn that the way we communicate changes how we perceive the world and ourselves. I want to fill the world with uplifting material that is thought-provoking and created with care. Maybe that means that I want to uplift, provoke thoughts, and create with care. At least, I want to help the creators who do so.

I'm a recovering perfectionist. I don't believe in one perfect manuscript of any kind. But I believe in pursuing a manuscript's perfect potential, and I believe that together, writers and editors can create something beautiful within that pursuit.



Central High School


Brigham Young University

Graduated third in class. Involved in library advisory, honors choirs and orchestras, varsity tennis, and service societies.

Editing & Publishing Major, Digital Humanities and Music Minor. Maintained 4.0 GPA through general education requirements and publishing courses related to magazine design and writing, basic usage errors, design principles, literary studies, and creative writing. Also involved in service activities and leadership of Latter-day Saint creators.

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